A PAM wrapper for encapsulation of dynamic module loading
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pamela - a PAM wrapper for secure execution

 pamela is a library implementing the PAM API.

 Traditional PAM implementations such as Linux-PAM
load PAM modules dynamically into the application's address
space. This is unsafe and exposes a lot of attack surface.
Instead, pamela encapsulates the inner workings of PAM
in a binary which is itself linked against Linux-PAM and
performs all the module loading in its own address space;
pamela provides an implementation of the PAM user API that
communicates with that binary, keeping the application's
address space free of external modules. 

 See http://skarnet.org/software/pamela/ for details.

* Installation

 See the INSTALL file.

* Contact information

 Laurent Bercot <ska-skaware at skarnet.org>