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My Personal Emacs Configuration

This is my personal Emacs configuration. This is the second repository I clone — after my dotfiles — when settling in on a new system. This configuration uses Evil-style bindings (i.e. Vim bindings), and requires at least Emacs 24.4.

To install all third-party packages, run make in this repository while connected to the internet:


This will clone additional repositories containing the configured packages (see packages.el) into gpkg/, install each package under site-lisp/<emacs-version>/, add each to the load-path, and compile. To install/build packages for another version of Emacs, set the EMACS variable:

make EMACS=emacs26

Package installations for multiple versions of Emacs can safely coexist side-by-side. If you did everything right Emacs should simply launch with no errors. You will be greeted with a featureless, empty gray box awaiting your instructions.