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A light, Electron-based wrapper around GraphiQL.

Provides a tabbed interface for editing and testing GraphQL queries/mutations with GraphiQL.

macOS installation

If you have Homebrew installed on macOS:

brew install --cask graphiql

Alternately, download the binary from the Releases tab.

Linux installation

The graphiql-app uses the AppImage format for its Linux version. You download it from the Electron app directory (click the "Download for Linux"-button) or from the Releases tab.

Either way, you will get a .AppImage binary. Put it in a safe place and make it executable:

chmod +x graphiql-app-0.7.2-x86_64.AppImage

Then simply execute the app. It will ask whether to add shortcuts to your desktop and menus for easy access in the future.

Getting started developing

  • Branch and/or clone the repo locally.
  • cd into it
  • install all the require packages: npm i
  • build the project: npm run build
  • start the project: npm start