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This script allows you to dump and extract Intel ME fimrware images. Supported formats:

  • Full SPI flash image with descriptor (signature 5A A5 F0 0F)
  • Full ME region image (signature '$FPT')
  • individual ME code partitions and update images (signature $MN2/$MAN)

Supported ME versions: 2.x - 9.x for desktop, 1.x-3.x for SpS, 1.x for TXE/SEC.

To unpack LZMA-compressed modules, the 'lzma' executable (from LZMA SDK) needs to be present next to the script; otherwise modules are dumped as-is, with .lzma extension.

Huffman-compressed modules are not unpacked at the moment as the decompression dictionary is unknown.

Usage examples: image.bin

Quickly check if the image is recognized and dump some info about it. image.bin -x

Extract the ME paritions and modules from the image. image.bin -x 12000

Start parsing at offset 0x12000 in the file. image.bin -m

Show the memory layout of the ME modules in memory image.bin -h

If Huffman-compressed modules are present, dump the individual compressed chunks, and create an image with uncompressed parts.

The script can be also used as a file loader for IDA; just drop it into the "loaders" directory (together with the lzma executable). Only full ME region ($FPT) images are supported in this scenario.

This script allows you to send HECI (MEI) messages to the ME. The script currently runs only under Windows and requires the ME drivers to be installed. You need to run it with admin privileges as it needs access to the driver.

This script checks the validity of an ME partition's manifest using the embedded RSA public key and signature.

E.g. Check the signature of the FTPR partition (possibly extracted by FTPR_part.bin

Note: currently the padding of the signature is not checked by the script but it is checked by the ME.


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