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Simple html/javascript ear training application on jazz II-V-I progressions
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Ear training application for II-V-I progressions used in jazz.

This is a primitive http5/js application, currently hosted at:

Which was very useful for my jazz studies :-). Hope it may be of
general usefulness / interest and can help you as well.

Chords voicing is up to the 7th, see VOICINGS file for more info.

Piano recorded is a typical 108cm YAMAHA console, a very common type
found in many conservatories, in a good tuning shape. Recorded with a
XY mic setup, 0.5m above the top of the piano and 1.2m far away, to
get some "room" sound as well. Top lid in a semi-open position.


Checkout repository or just copy index.html and eartraining.js in a
directory. Copy also the contents of `static` folder. Create a `media`
directory and unzip the contents of can be
downloaded from:


├── eartraining.js
├── index.html
├── static
│   └── img
│        ├── ..............
├── media
│   ├── 3notes
│   │   ├── a
│   │   │   ├── ..............
│   │   └── b
│   │       ├── ..............
│   └── 6notes
│       ├── a
│       │   ├── ..............
│       └── b
│           ├── ..............

You may copy files to use the application locally or host it in some
server, it is a client application, requires no server backend.

Thanks - credits

Special thanks to my piano teacher George Micros for his artistic
and technical attribution and consultancy and for inspiring me to
create new computer and musical projects :-)

Great thanks to my colleague George Vlachos for his invaluable advices
on visual interface and html / css / js coding.

License - copyright - contact

Software code (js) / html provided with the MIT License (see LICENSE

Media (sound files) and images provided with the Creative Commons

Copyright (c) 2017 Stefanos Kozanis <>
PGP key id: 1A5C808D
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