Non-x86 (and x86) version of mongodb for big endian processors (sparc, powerpc) and processors that care about alignment (sparc, arm). Current strategy is to make a version of the v1.8 branch that passes the same tests as the corresponding amd64 plain mongo v1.8 version.
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Welcome to MongoDB!


  mongod - The database process.
  mongos - Sharding controller.
  mongo  - The database shell (uses interactive javascript).


  mongodump         - MongoDB dump tool - for backups, snapshots, etc..
  mongorestore      - MongoDB restore a dump
  mongoexport       - Export a single collection to test (JSON, CSV)
  mongoimport       - Import from JSON or CSV
  mongofiles        - Utility for putting and getting files from MongoDB GridFS
  mongostat         - Show performance statistics

  See docs/, also search for "Building".


  For command line options invoke:

    $ ./mongod --help

  To run a single server database:

    $ mkdir /data/db
    $ ./mongod
    $ # The mongo javascript shell connects to localhost and test database by default:
    $ ./mongo 
    > help


  Client drivers for most programming languages are available at  Use the 
  shell ("mongo") for administrative tasks.




  MongoDB uses memory mapped files.  If built as a 32 bit executable, you will
  not be able to work with large (multi-gigabyte) databases.  However, 32 bit
  builds work fine with small development databases.


  Most MongoDB source files are made available under the terms of the
  GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL).  See individual files for

  As an exception, the files in the client/, debian/, rpm/,
  utils/mongoutils, and all subdirectories thereof are made available under
  the terms of the Apache License, version 2.0.