The MongoDB Database
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Welcome to MongoDB!


  mongod - The database server.
  mongos - Sharding router.
  mongo  - The database shell (uses interactive javascript).


  mongodump         - Create a binary dump of the contents of a database.
  mongorestore      - Restore data from the output created by mongodump.
  mongoexport       - Export the contents of a collection to JSON or CSV.
  mongoimport       - Import data from JSON, CSV or TSV.
  mongofiles        - Put, get and delete files from GridFS.
  mongostat         - Show the status of a running mongod/mongos.
  bsondump          - Convert BSON files into human-readable formats.
  mongooplog        - Poll the oplog and apply to a local server.
  mongoreplay       - Traffic capture and replay tool.
  mongotop          - Track time spent reading and writing data.


  See docs/


  For command line options invoke:

    $ ./mongod --help

  To run a single server database:

    $ sudo mkdir -p /data/db
    $ ./mongod
    $ # The mongo javascript shell connects to localhost and test database by default:
    $ ./mongo
    > help


  Client drivers for most programming languages are available at Use the shell
  ("mongo") for administrative tasks.




  Packages are created dynamically by the script located in the
  buildscripts directory. This will generate RPM and Debian packages.



MAIL LISTS!forum/mongodb-user

    A forum for technical questions about using MongoDB.!forum/mongodb-dev

    A forum for technical questions about building and developing MongoDB.



  Most MongoDB source files (src/mongo folder and below) are made available
  under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License (GNU AGPLv3). See
  individual files for details.