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@nicob87 nicob87 released this 30 Jul 18:43

This release includes the following new functionality:

  • The ability to create off-cluster gateways, allowing services running outside kubernetes to be exposed to all skupper sites in an application network, and allowing services running within kubernetes to be accessed as well

  • The introduction of token claims to reduce the risk of certificates being exposed. The claims can be restricted (by default they can only be used once and must be used within 15 minutes of being issued, but this is configurable through the skupper token create command. Claims are automatically exchanged for certificates avoiding the certificates ever needing to be stored outside the namespace using them. The default behaviour of skupper token create is to issue a restricted claim. The original behaviour can be obtained by using the --token-type cert option.

  • Support for nodeports or nginx ingress (instead of openshift routes or loadbalancer services) (Note that tls passthrough must be enabled for nginx ingress controller for this option to work with skupper).