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Add numbers.vim to vundles.list

numbers.vim is a plugin that allows for easy switch between
absolute and relative line numbers.
A convenient shortcut: ,tn (toggle numbers) is provided to
switch between the two modes

Fixes #276
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commit 23a9e72b9ce6fc8016aba5f740a2fff59950e6b1 1 parent c10e95b
@FWFabio FWFabio authored
2 
@@ -211,6 +211,8 @@ If you omit the key combo, you'll get a list of all the maps. You can do the sam
* `Cmd-j` and `Cmd-k` to move up and down roughly by functions
* `Ctrl-o` - Old cursor position - this is a standard mapping but very useful, so included here
* `Ctrl-i` - opposite of Ctrl-O (again, this is standard)
+ * `,tn` - Toggles between absolute and relative line numbers
+ * `:NumbersEnable` - Enable automatic toggling between absolute (insert mode) and relative (normal mode) line numbers
#### LustyJuggler
1  vim/plugin/settings/yadr-numbers.vim
@@ -0,0 +1 @@
+:nnoremap <silent> ,tn :NumbersToggle<CR>
1  vim/vundles.vim
@@ -102,5 +102,6 @@ Bundle "airblade/vim-gitgutter.git"
Bundle "bogado/file-line.git"
Bundle "tpope/vim-rvm.git"
Bundle "nelstrom/vim-visual-star-search"
+Bundle "myusuf3/numbers.vim.git"
"Filetype plugin indent on is required by vundle
filetype plugin indent on

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