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Debugging vim keymappings

This is so useful, it needs to be at the top. If you are having unexpected behavior, wondering why a particular key works the way it does, use: :map keycombo (e.g. :map <C-\>) to see what the key is mapped to. For bonus points, you can see where the mapping was set by using :verbose map keycombo. If you omit the key combo, you'll get a list of all the maps. You can do the same thing with nmap, imap, vmap, etc.


  • Q: NERDTree project explorer doesn't persist on screen after the first :e, must explicitly turn it on with cmd+N. Which setting could make it stay in place by default?
  • A: You should start vim with "mvim" not "mvim /path" - so your first screen will be blank. Then use ,t to get to your file or use Cmd-Shift-N to open the NerdTREE. If you want your nerdtree to load on startup along with a main pane, try:
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