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skycoin bbs logo

Skycoin BBS

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Skycoin BBS uses the Skycoin CX Object System (CXO) to store and synchronise data between nodes and the Skycoin Messenger (net) for inter-node content submission.

Skycoin BBS Showcase 4 - YouTube


Go 1.9+ Installation and Setup

Golang 1.9+ Installation/Setup

After installation, ensure that the GOPATH environmental variable is set and that $GOPATH/bin is added to the PATH environment variable.


Dependencies are managed with dep.

To install dep:

go get -u

dep vendors all dependencies into the repo.

Download and Compile BBS Executables

go get

This will download to $GOPATH/src/

You can also clone the repo directly with git clone, but it must be cloned to this path: $GOPATH/src/

Static Files For The Web Thin Client

Building instructions for static files can be found in static/


$ bbsnode

For more detailed instructions:

The script is provided as a convenient to run BBS, serving static files in static/dist.

$ ./


Pull docker image.

$ docker pull skycoin/bbs

Create a docker volume.

$ docker volume create bbs-data

Run Skycoin BBS.

$ docker run -p 8080:8080 -p 8998:8998 -p 8996:8996 -v bbs0:/data skycoin/bbs

List network interfaces.

$ ifconfig

Use CLI.

# help menu
$ docker run skycoin/bbs bbscli -h

# interact with bbs node
$ docker run skycoin/bbs bbscli -a messengers discover

Command-line interface

The Command-line interface is for administration control over the BBS node.

Detailed instructions are located at cmd/bbscli/


Please make use of the Skycoin BBS Wiki!