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Skycoin mobile/js bindings
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Skycoin Liteclient

This repository contains a small wrapper for Skycoin (written in Go) to provide mobile and JS bindings.

At the moment it is used to compile an Android Archive, an iOS Framework, and a JS library with gopherjs.

Supports go1.10+.

Important note about error handling

Many functions on this library call the panic() function of the Go programming language in case of important errors, however, for various reasons the panics are converted into errors on each supported language. Due to this, it is important to bear in mind that errors returned by this library may be due to extremely important problems and continuing the execution of operations with results obtained from the library could cause loss of coins.

It is recommended to be very careful with errors.

Compiling Android aar and jar, and iOS Framework

For the compilation process to Android Archive and iOS Framework, we use Go Mobile.

$ gomobile bind -target=android
$ gomobile bind -target=ios

Compile javascript library

For the compilation process to javascript library, we use gopherjs.

To compile the library use make build-js or make build-js-min (if you want the final file to be minified). After compiling, the main.js and files will be created/updated in the root of the repository.


The javascript library is created starting from gopher/main.go. The Android/iOS library is created starting from mobile/api.go.

Running tests

Gopherjs tests

gopherjs tests can be run with

make test-js

The tests require node syscall support installed, see install instructions at

Note that you can't use the vendored gopherjs for this, because the gopherjs/node-syscall package can't be vendored by dep. You'll have to install gopherjs to your GOPATH with go get.

To enable stacktraces, install source maps:

npm install --global source-map-support

and make sure NODE_PATH is set to the value of npm root --global in your environment.

TS cipher test suite

The repository includes a TypeScript version of the cipher test suite, originally written in Go in the Skycoin main repository. Because the tests take a significant amount of time to complete in JavaScript/TypeScript, the test suite can be run with a limited number of cases with

make test-suite-ts

The test suite can be run with all test cases using

make test-suite-ts-extensive


All .go source files should be formatted goimports. You can do this with:

make format

Code Linting

Install prerequisites:

make install-linters

Run linters:

make lint
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