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What is this?

This repository is a temporary station for my various guides on the forums. I have been experiencing severe load times on the forums, thus I had to move the guides elsewhere in order to update them to 1.13. Unfortunately this location is not the easiest place to ask any questions, so feel free to continue using the forum threads listed below or ask in the /r/MinecraftCommands subreddit (or its corresponding Discord server).

In the future these guides will be moved once again to a more permanent location.

Original guides

The following are links to the original guides on the forums. They will not be updated but may serve as a place to ask questions specific to their topics.


  1. Loot tables (last updated: 1.12)
  2. Advancements (last updated: 1.12)
  3. Text component (last updated: 1.12)
  4. Recipes (last updated: 1.12)


  1. Loot tables (last updated: no clue)
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