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⚠️ This project has been moved to slackapi/node-slack-sdk

Slack Interactive Messages for Node

Build your Slack Apps with rich and engaging user interactions using block actions, buttons, menus, and dialogs. The package will help you start with sensible and secure defaults.

The adapter gives you a meaningful API to handle actions from all of Slack's interactive message components actions block elements, (buttons, menus, and dialogs). Use it as an independent HTTP server or plug it into an existing server as Express middleware.

This package does not help you compose messages with action blocks, buttons, menus and dialogs to trigger the actions. We recommend using the Block Kit Builder to design interactive Block Kit messages and the Message Builder to design legacy interactive messages. You can send these messages to Slack using the Web API, Incoming Webhooks, and other parts of the platform.


Need help? Join the Bot Developer Hangout team and talk to us in #slack-api.

You can also create an Issue right here on GitHub.