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Web Interface Media Manager for Kodi

WIMM is a cross platform tool to manage the Kodi Media Databases. It is completely web based, so you don't need to install anything on your workstation to manage your media.

This tool is intended to facilitate the use of the Kodi media management features (media infos, media categorization, scraping, etc ...)

Useful Links

DEVELOPERS NEEDED - We don't pay either hehe ;)

Consider joining the WIMM project, and help this web-interface for Kodi be nr #1, skilled developers are needed to help improve and fix or add exciting new features to WIMM.

Installation Instructions

Submitting patches and PRs

The idea is to fork this repo work on your changes and make a pull request (PR) to the master branch, it should contain some of the following:

  • What the patch addresses, if its a bug-fix a feature or improvement or something else.
  • Any comments in code for what is not immediately obvious.

ℹ️ A pull request (PR) should be made to master, (using branches is ok if your going to make the same PR to master) by using master then your working with latest code and fixes. Any work can then be easily picked and pulled into branches if needed, especially if its a bug-fix.

What will happen to patches & PR's

  • Subject to review and is merged as soon as possible by a member of the project.