JavaScript Roguelike Boilerplate - The basic to start building your own
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JavaScript Roguelike Boilerplate - The basics to start building your own

What is this about

A very bare bones roguelike with a character based display with the following features


  • Player can walk around
  • Raycasting Field of View algorithm
  • Player can move between persistent levels
  • Enemies move around chasing the player
  • Player can pick up, drop and use items (including using items on a given direction)
  • Player remember visited maps
  • A simple Being class based on Races definitions, with random and follow player intents
  • A simple Item class based on Item Type definitions
  • Infrastructure for Level Generation
  • Line wrap text boxes

Online Demo

How to use

  • Clone this repo
  • Delete .git
  • Create awesoem gaem


Uses unicodetiles for IO -