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A lightweight particle engine written in pure haXe. Based on AS2 class by bit-101.
Coming soon.
Coming soon.
Particle Engine
* Make sure the delta timing works properly. This might also fix the "exploding" effect that shows when the window has been resized or something.
* Particle#turn doesn't do anything right now (should update the Particle#direction property)
* Emitter might want to use the delta timing to more precisely emit a proper amount of particles (particlesPerFrame would be particlesPerUpdate)
* Examples and Features (in this README)
* Add EffectPoint.Deflector - A plane which the particles can bounce off of.
* Maybe the particles themselves may act as an EffectPoint?
TileMap Engine
* Optimize the tileMap sizes. (if it's 64 frames, do 8x8 or 64x1 depending on the width).
* Should throw errors on one tile is larger than MAX_TILE_WIDTH or MAX_TILE_HEIGHT.
* TileMaps should have a HSB color interpolation TileEffect
* TileEffect.Clip is not implemented
* TileEffect.Filter is not implemented
* TileEffect.Alpha looks like shit.
* TileMap Transforms should be concatenated. Otherwise a Combine( [ Skew() , Scale() ] ) TileEffect won't work.
* Make it configurable using flashvars (text, size, time and url)
* After a specified time it should add new particles which does not fade, but bounces with the others and then they come up writing a text. At the same time the emitter should stop.
* RotatingLetterTileMap maybe need to use a rotating textfield instead of the bitmap transform, to get better results.