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@slawkens slawkens released this Jun 3, 2020


  • Log query time in database_log (can be used for benchmarking)
  • new PHP constant: IS_CLI
  • $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] to database.log
  • outfit to highscores box in tibiacom template
  • system/data to .gitignore
  • error_reporting in admin panel (when in dev mode), so it shows php notices and warnings
  • example quests in config.php


  • account_login input type from password to text


  • Guild Invite not working on otservbr-global (#123)
  • news not updating after adding in admin panel
  • wrong mana of character samples (#125)
  • missing rules page on clean install
  • double space character name creation (@Leesneaks, #121)
  • creatures page: Max count and chance not shown on hovered items
  • exception being thrown when characters.frags enabled on TFS 1.x
  • TFS 0.4 guilds creation (Where guilds.checkdata and motd doesn't have default value)
  • ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS browser error on template change
  • updating template menus on template change
  • Account change info when config.account_country is disabled
  • cancel change email request
  • config.character_name_min/max_length being ignored in change_name.php
  • some rare bugs when database is no up-to-date and someone enters admin panel
  • extra line that is added when using a newer version than official release (@Leesneaks)
  • admin links in featured article
  • some PHP Notice when HTTP_HOST is not set (Can happen on some old versions of HTTP protocol)
  • Show character indicator in check_name.js
  • Houses list View button was wrong (was from bootstrap)
  • OTS_House __construct - not loading by houseid parameter
  • message() function when executed in CLI


  • unused myaac_commands table from schema
  • MyISAM engine from migration scripts (#128)
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Jun 3, 2020
Fix #123 Guild Invite not working on otservbr-global

@slawkens slawkens released this Mar 9, 2020 · 61 commits to master since this release


  • Support for Nostalrius OTS


  • Move TODO to wiki
  • .tooltip css class to .item_image (bootstrap conflict)


  • Reloading of creatures/monsters throwing an exception
  • Loading custom pages with old Gesior variables #108
  • Some weird behaviour with installation of plugins
  • loading in Admin Panel
  • spells displaying when level = 0
  • Some PHP warnings and notices
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  • v0.8.0
  • ad072ea
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  • v0.8.0
  • ad072ea
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@slawkens slawkens released this Feb 18, 2020 · 93 commits to master since this release

Biggest changes:

  • New Bootstrap 3 Admin Panel by @Leesneaks (with accounts editor and modules)
  • Environment is now configurable by env setting (Significantly better load times with 'prod')
  • Replace spells, monsters tables with JavaScript Sortable Tables - DataTables (@Leesneaks)
  • Change default MySQL Storage Engine to InnoDB and Default Character Set to utf8
  • New configurables
    • account_create_auto_login (Auto Login after Create Account - Registration)
    • account_create_character_create (Create Character directly on Create Account page) (@tobi132)
    • database_log (Logging of Database Queries to database.log)
    • smtp_debug (More info about SMTP errors in mailer-error.log)
  • New plugin options
  • Support for database persistent and socket connections (performance boost)
  • Database towns table support for TFS 1.3 (@tobi132)
  • Move items from database to Cache_PHP (Much more faster load time)
  • Move pages to Twig templates: team, lastkills, serverinfo, houses, guilds.list, guild.view, admin.logs, admin.reports (@whiteblXK, @tobi132)
  • Possibility to define colors and "Open in New Tab" on Template Menus (needs to be supported by Template)
  • Team page - display outfits of the players (configurable) (@whiteblXK)
  • Forum: show user avatar (outfit) in posts
  • sandbox for plugins, don't install when requirements are not satisfied
  • php 7.x APCu cache support (faster cache engine)
  • updated Twig to version v1.35.0
  • updated TinyMCE to version v4.7.4

Full changelog available here:

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@slawkens slawkens released this Feb 18, 2020 · 1 commit to 0.7 since this release


  • change guild nick function causing crash on TFS 1.x because of invalid characters being accepted
  • PHP Mailer autoload function on newer PHP
  • gesior signature guild rank loading
  • leaking database password when cannot connect
  • config.last_kills_limit being ignored
  • monster.loot being cutted off cause of too short column (changed to TEXT)


  • nginx-sample.conf
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@slawkens slawkens released this May 4, 2019 · 6 commits to 0.7 since this release


  • support for some old servers, where arrays are used in config.lua
  • an additional text to the install page informing that user can reinstall MyAAC by deleting config.local.php


  • XSS in forum show_thread
  • guilds - "Add new rank" function
  • multiple mail recipients when using admin mailer function
  • Admin Panel - MyAAC logs not shown if servers logs directory doesn't exist (#47)
  • missing prefix for cache get() and delete() functions
  • add fatal error message when myaac tables in database do not exist
  • the mystical defect where "Create Account" button was not highlighted (on the account/manage page)
  • bug where server_config table does not exist (OTHire as an example)
  • database_name in Usage_Statistics
  • forgot to open in install template


  • do not display software version
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  • v0.7.10
  • 5f1392e
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  • v0.7.10
  • 5f1392e
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@slawkens slawkens released this Mar 3, 2018 · 27 commits to 0.7 since this release

With this update, I'm starting to write changelogs grouped by types.


  • new configurable: smtp_secure
  • robots.txt


  • editing an existing page that had php enabled
  • chrome bug on save (when editing page) ERR_BLOCKED_BY_XSS_AUDITOR
  • showing IP and Port in admin panel (#44, by miqueiaspenha)
  • deleting plugin showing "You don't have rights to delete"
  • some bug with PHPMailer not finding its language file
  • default value
  • saving some really high long ip addresses


  • update config.highscores_ids_hidden on install when there are samples already in database
  • auto add z_polls table on install


  • changed mb_strtolower functions to strtolower()
  • added new function: $hooks->exist($type)
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@slawkens slawkens released this Jan 13, 2018 · 47 commits to 0.7 since this release

  • removed 6mb of trash (some useless things)
  • (fix) TFS 1.x not showing promoted vocations in highscores
  • otserv 0.6.x: fixed some warning (on the characters page) and fatal mysql error (on the mango signature)
  • fixed default stamina on otserv 0.6.x engine (and some others perhaps)
  • install: change permission check to is_writable
  • changed highscores_groups_hidden to 3 (for TFS 1.x)
  • updated background-artwork (tibiacom template) to the latest version, removed other ones
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Jan 12, 2018
* update TODO

@slawkens slawkens released this Jan 8, 2018 · 63 commits to 0.7 since this release

  • important fix for servers with promotion column (caused player.vocation to be resetted when saving player, for example: on change name, accept invite to guild, leave guild) (#36)
  • immediately reload config.lua when there's change in config.server_path detected
  • added new forum option: "Enable HTML" (only for moderators)
  • fixed othire default column value (#26)
  • fixed saving custom vocations in admin panel (#36)
  • fixed warning in highscores when vocation doesn't exist
  • fixed characters page - config.characters.frags "Notice: Use of undefined constant"
  • fixed getBoolean function when boolean is passed
  • fixed empty success message on leave guild
  • fixed displaying premium account days
  • function OTS_Account:getPremDays will now return -1 if there's freePremium configurable enabled on the server
  • fixed tr bgcolor in characters view (Frags) (#38)
  • fixed some warning in guild show
  • fixed PHP warning about country not existing on online and characters pages
  • fixed forum bbcode parsing
  • don't add extra <br/> to the TinyMCE news forum posts
  • (internal) using $player->getVocationName() where possible instead of older method
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