@slawkens slawkens released this Mar 3, 2018 · 9 commits to 0.7 since this release

Assets 2

With this update, I'm starting to write changelogs grouped by types.


  • new configurable: smtp_secure
  • robots.txt


  • editing an existing page that had php enabled
  • chrome bug on save (when editing page) ERR_BLOCKED_BY_XSS_AUDITOR
  • showing IP and Port in admin panel (#44, by miqueiaspenha)
  • deleting plugin showing "You don't have rights to delete"
  • some bug with PHPMailer not finding its language file
  • default accounts.vote value
  • saving some really high long ip addresses


  • update config.highscores_ids_hidden on install when there are samples already in database
  • auto add z_polls table on install


  • changed mb_strtolower functions to strtolower()
  • added new function: $hooks->exist($type)

@slawkens slawkens released this Jan 13, 2018 · 29 commits to 0.7 since this release

Assets 2
  • removed 6mb of trash (some useless things)
  • (fix) TFS 1.x not showing promoted vocations in highscores
  • otserv 0.6.x: fixed some warning (on the characters page) and fatal mysql error (on the mango signature)
  • fixed default stamina on otserv 0.6.x engine (and some others perhaps)
  • install: change permission check to is_writable
  • changed highscores_groups_hidden to 3 (for TFS 1.x)
  • updated background-artwork (tibiacom template) to the latest version, removed other ones
Jan 12, 2018
* update TODO

@slawkens slawkens released this Jan 8, 2018 · 45 commits to 0.7 since this release

Assets 2
  • important fix for servers with promotion column (caused player.vocation to be resetted when saving player, for example: on change name, accept invite to guild, leave guild) (#36)
  • immediately reload config.lua when there's change in config.server_path detected
  • added new forum option: "Enable HTML" (only for moderators)
  • fixed othire default column value (#26)
  • fixed saving custom vocations in admin panel (#36)
  • fixed warning in highscores when vocation doesn't exist
  • fixed characters page - config.characters.frags "Notice: Use of undefined constant"
  • fixed getBoolean function when boolean is passed
  • fixed empty success message on leave guild
  • fixed displaying premium account days
  • function OTS_Account:getPremDays will now return -1 if there's freePremium configurable enabled on the server
  • fixed tr bgcolor in characters view (Frags) (#38)
  • fixed some warning in guild show
  • fixed PHP warning about country not existing on online and characters pages
  • fixed forum bbcode parsing
  • don't add extra <br/> to the TinyMCE news forum posts
  • (internal) using $player->getVocationName() where possible instead of older method

@slawkens slawkens released this Jan 5, 2018 · 67 commits to 0.7 since this release

Assets 2
  • fixed othire account creating/installation
  • fixed table name players -> players_online
  • fixed unexpected error logging about email fail
  • added max_execution_time to the install finish step
  • some small fix regarding highscores vocation box

@slawkens slawkens released this Jan 3, 2018 · 71 commits to 0.7 since this release

Assets 2
  • fixed bug on othire with config.account_premium_days
  • fixed bug on TFS 1.x when online_afk is enabled
  • warning about leaving news page with changes
  • added player status to tibiacom top 5 highscores box
  • save detected country on create account in session
  • fixed getPremDays and isPremium functions (newest 11.x engines are bugged when it comes to PACC, its not fault of MyAAC)
  • fix when there are no changelogs or highscores yet
  • small fix regarding getTopPlayers function which was ignoring $limit variable
  • fixed news adding when type != ARTICLE
  • fixed template path finding
  • fixed displaying article_text when it was empty saved

@slawkens slawkens released this Dec 24, 2017 · 169 commits to master since this release

Assets 2
  • fixed mysql fatal error on tibiacom template - top 5 box
  • fixed displaying of level percent bar on tibian signature
  • inform user about Twig cache failure on installation, instead of http 500 error
  • when dir system/cache is not writable by the webserver, then show some nice notice to the user about it instead of http 500 error
  • remember client version select and usage stats checkbox in session on install
  • automatically update highscores_ids_hidden for users who installed myaac before (migration)

@slawkens slawkens released this Dec 18, 2017 · 173 commits to master since this release

Assets 2
  • auto generate myaac cache & session prefix on install to be unique across installations
  • fixed hiding shop system menu on tibiacom template when disabled in config
  • prevent adding duplicated newses with installation
  • some changes to sample characters: chanced town_id to 1, posx: 1000, posy: 1000, posz: 1000 and default group_id to 1 so you can change in-game outfits and they will be used
  • added version 772 constant to install client choose (OTHire)
  • better solution for hidding samples (configurable) - highscores_ids_hidden
  • fixed account.login redirect not working on tibiacom template
  • installation: warn about wrong admin account name/id and password
  • fixed last menu closing in tibiacom template
  • updated polish locale (translation) on install
  • (internal) removed some duplicated code on install finish
  • (internal) renamed installation step files to be in correct order
  • added TODO file

@slawkens slawkens released this Dec 13, 2017 · 183 commits to master since this release

Assets 2

This release contains some small visual fixes. Nothing more or less.

  • added changelog menu item to kathrine template
  • fixed some php short tag in changelogs page
  • fixed guild change description back button
  • removed duplicated "Support List" menu item from tibiacom template
  • changed some notice when version check is failed
  • (internal) moved changelog to twig

@slawkens slawkens released this Nov 20, 2017 · 189 commits to master since this release

Assets 2
  • moved template menus to database, they're now dynamically loaded
  • you can edit them in Admin Panel under 'Menus' option
  • you can also add custom links, like http://google.pl
  • added anonymous usage statistics reporting (only if user agrees, first usage report will be send after 7 days)
  • added networks (facebook and twitter) and highscores (top 5) boxes to tibiacom template, configurable in templates/tibiacom/config.php
  • added news ticker for kathrine template
  • added featured article to tibiacom template (you can add them with add news button)
  • added tinymce editor to 'Pages' in admin panel
  • added links to edit/delete/hide custom page directly from page
  • update forum post after editing news (when forum post has been created)
  • enabled code plugin for tinymce which enabled raw html code editing
  • removed videos pages, as it can be easily added using custom Menus and Pages with insert Media
  • removed bug_report configurable, its now enabled by default
  • log some error info when mail cannot be send on account create
  • twig getLink function will now return with full url (BASE_URL included)
  • verify install post values directly on config page and display error
  • updated tinymce to version 4.7.2 (from 4.7.0)
  • updated phpmailer to version 5.2.26 (from 5.2.23)
  • (fix) (#30) recovering account on servers that doesn't support salts
  • (fix) account email confirm function
  • (fix) showing changelog with urls in Admin Panel
  • (fix) uninstalling plugin
  • (fix) polls box in tibiacom template
  • (fix) remove hooks from db on plugin deinstall
  • (fix) some weird include possibilities with forum and account actions (verify action name)
  • (fix) loading hooks from plugin installed from command line
  • (fix) some changelog PHP Notice warning
  • (internal) moved uninstall logic to Plugins class
  • (internal) moved tibiacom boxes to separate directory
  • (internal) moved news tickers to twig template
  • (internal) moved Forum class to separate file
  • (internal) moved deprecated functions to compat.php
  • (internal) added some compat functions that are used by shop system
  • (internal) renamed constant TICKET -> TICKER
  • (internal) shortened message functions