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Source code for the HackerDojo machine learning + big data class(url):

Steps for student (Steps 1-3 are first time only):
Setting up:
1. Get a github account
2. Set up git (Documentation on At the end of this, you should be able to authenticate with github doing ssh
3. Fork the hackerdojoml/mrbigdata.git repository (
Making changes:
4. Make your changes (only in the relevant directories: below)
5. cd <top_of_tree>; git add *
6. git commit -am '<Commit mssg>'
7. git push origin master (at this point, you should be able to see the changes on<username>/repo)
8. Send pull request to hackerdojoml (
To pull in upstream changes:
1. git remote add upstream git://   <Only the first time>
2. git fetch upstream
3. git merge upstream/master

NOTE: You only have to do this if you want to contribute directly to hackerdojoml, a much better model is if each group collaborates with each other and elects a leader who collaborates with hackerdojoml, but its a little more complicated, and I am _not_ writing the instructions for that :) 

Steps for teacher:
To add files:
1. cd <relevant_dir>;
2. Make changes, including adding, copying, modifying files)
3. cd <top_of_branch>;  (ls >> src,README)
4. git add *
5. git commit -am '<Commit mssg>'
6. git push origin master
7. <Optional> Send pull request( 

To get other people's homework submissions:
1. Sign in as hackerdojoml
2. Go to
3. Pull in all the changes (eg, if you see a request from debnathsinha, do...)
3.1 git remote add debnathsinha git://    <first time only>
3.2 git fetch debnathsinha
3.3 git merge debnathsinha/master
4. Close the pull request

Directory structure:
To avoid conflicts in merges, we should work the class stuff off different dirs:

src/classes/class<n> : source code for class work (only Tricia/Mike write into this)
src/homeworks/group<m>/week<k>/submissions : Source code for homework submissions
src/homeworks/group<m>/<username> : scratch space for <username>