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COVID-19 Sledilnik website

Build Translation status


This software is licensed under GNU Affero General Public License.


folder content
src/assets Static content (images, media files)
src/components Reusable page components
src/content Markdown content for static pages
src/locales Translation resources
src/pages Actual pages of website (each page is one component, StaticPage is reused with different content). Pages are rendered inside App component (in router-view)
src/App.vue Main app component (renders router-view)
src/main.js Webpack entrypoint
.env Configurable values (Page name and description)


Overview of current deployments

Deployment is done using GitHub actions in .github/workflows

file about
prod.yml Deploy producition when GitHub release is created
stage.yml Deploy staging on every commit pushed to master
pr.yml Deploy PRs with label deploy-peview
pr-cleanup.yml Undeploy PRs when label is removed or PR closed

Actions consist mostly of 3 jobs, test, build and deploy. Each job depends on previous job (needs keyword in action's YAML). When deploy job finishes, it also sends Slack notification to #devops chanel, and adds comment on PR (if PR build)


Production environment is deployed every time a new GitHub release is created.

Workflow .github/workflows/prod.yml is responsible for deployment.


Staging environment is deployed on every push to master (if tests pass and build is successful).

Workflow .github/workflows/stage.yml is responsible for deployment.

Use NOBUILD keyworkd in commit message to skip build (and deploy) for this commit (tests will still be ran). Use NODEPLOY keyworkd in commit message to skip deploy for this commit (image will still be build and pushed).

Preview deployment (pull requests)

Create PR from a branch (in this repo, not fork) to master. Label PR with label deploy-preview and wait few minutes. Deployment should be available at where NUM is number of your PR.

Only open PR with label deploy-preview are deployed. When PR is closed or label removed, deployment is stopped.


What you need

Project setup

yarn install

Compiles and hot-reloads for development

yarn run serve

Compiles and minifies for production

yarn run build

Run your tests

Not really that we have any tests

yarn run test

Lints and fixes files

yarn run lint


FSharpLint is used to check the F# code. In order to use it, you need to run build.bat script, which will

  1. install FSharpLint locally (if it was not already installed),
  2. run it on the source code,
  3. run F# unit tests.

The configuration is stored in the fsharplint-config.json file. You can find more information on how to configure or suppress various rules here.

Using FSharpLint in Rider

If you use JetBrains Rider as your IDE, you can integrate FSharpLint into your workflow inside IDE by following these steps:

  1. Make sure you have FSharpLint installed (see the above section).
  2. Click File | Settings menu option.
  3. In the Settings window, find Tools/External Tools tree item.
  4. Press on the plus (+) button to add a new external tool.
  5. In the Edit Tool window, enter the following values:
    • Name: FSharpLint
    • Program: dotnet
    • Arguments: fsharplint --format msbuild lint -l fsharplint-config.json SloCovid19Website.sln
    • Advanced Options: check all checkboxes
    • Output filters: $FILE_PATH$\($LINE$\,$COLUMN$\,.*
  6. Press OK button to confirm.

Now you should have a new menu item under Tools | External Tools | FSharpLint.


Updating "highest values" countries lists

  1. Rebuild the solution.
  2. Run Owid.Analyzer highest in the command line. It should write out the new countries lists for the four categories.

Open slo-covid-19\website\src\visualizations\CountriesChartViz\CountrySets.fs file in IDE.

  1. Replace existing countries lists with the ones returned by the tool. Example, in the following line, replace the value of CountriesCodes array with the new values:
let setHighestNewCases = {
    Label = "groupHighestNewCases"
    CountriesCodes = [| "URY"; "BHR"; "ARG"; "COL"; "MNG"; "PRY"; "CHL"; "KWT"; "NAM"; "CRI" |]
  1. Rebuild, test and commit.