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FSharpLint is a style checking tool for F#. It points out locations where a set of rules on how F# is to be styled have been broken. The tool is configurable via XML and can be run from a console app, or as an MSBuild task. It also provides an interface to easily integrate the tool into other software.

The project aims to let the user know of problems through matching user defined hints a la HLint, and also by using custom rules written in F# similar to the rules in Mascot and StyleCop.

The tool in use (running as an MSBuild task with TreatWarningsAsErrors set to true):



Each directory aims to contain a file with a brief technical overview of the code.

The docs contains an overview of the tool and how to use it.

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The project is licensed under MIT. For more information on the license see the LICENSE file.


Feel free to post an issue on github if you have any questions, have suggestions, or have found a defect.


The default maintainer account for projects under "fsprojects" is @fsprojectsgit - F# Community Project Incubation Space (repo management)