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FTL: Captain's Edition Spellchecking 2017

A community effort to spell check the FTL Captain's Edition mod for the roguelike game FTL by Subset Games. (2015 Rebirth Edition)

Original Readme:

Welcome traveler. I guess you came here from the FTL forum and know what this is about. If not, than you might want to have a short rundown of what is going on here. Over the last months others and I have created a quite huge modification of the roguelike game FTL by Subset Games. You can find information on the mod here: The mod contains quite a bit of text for the player to read, but English is not my native language and eliminating all the typos has been requested quite often. So I uploaded the files containing most of the texts on github to allow multiple people to participate in spell-checking the mod. So this whole repository is really just about spell checking a lot of small text snippets contained in xml capsules.

House rules:

  1. Changes you make in the files have the potential to make the mod unplayable very easily. Act responsible and observe this rules, else this effort to spell check CE will not work or might even destroy the players experience.
  2. Only spell check things within or capsules. Making changes anywhere else might mess thing up. Never write anything outside of any tags.
  3. Too long texts can cause instability. If you rephrase things, try not to exceed the number of characters the text originally had by too much, especially when the text was already pretty long. A few additional words won't matter if the text was short to begin with, but somewhere beyond 250 characters the game gets iffy. Also tooltips and weapon description are often deliberately as short as they are, so don't extend them by too much or else they won't fit the UI.
  4. Don't add indent or any kinds of breaks in the text. FTL event texts need to be pure flowtext to work correctly.
  5. Please never make any direct changes in the choices that let the player use the combat augments. That will remove my ability to control these choices globally via find and replace. If you have suggestions how these choice texts could be improved then please post your suggestion as a comment in this repository.
  6. This repository is for spellchecking, not for sneaking changes you like to see into CE. The mod is free to use for anyone. If you have your own vision how of it should be than you can simply take a copy, make your modifications and release as your own flavour of CE. Here is not the place for this though.

Sections that have not yet been checked by a third party include:

  • Everything concerning the auto controlled sector in events_Rebels.xml.append (event IDs typically start with AUTO...)
  • Most events concerning the AI controlled sector in events_Zoltan.xml.append (event IDs typically start with AI...)
  • Crew conversations in events.xml.append
  • Any events that haven been added since the beginning of 2014

Thank you all for your help!

Cheers sleeper_service


A community effort to spell check the FTL Captain's Edition mod for the space-exploration roguelike game FTL by Subset Games.






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