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Fix typo in queries.rst
Further the inclusion of :ref:`records <record-types>` duplicates the prepended "or". See:
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Gacko committed Sep 19, 2016
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@@ -338,7 +338,7 @@ and its subclasses for details on composing compiled queries.

.. index:: take, drop

Be aware that ``take`` and ``drop`` take ``ConstColumn[Long]`` parameters. Unlike ``Rep[Long]]``,
Be aware that ``take`` and ``drop`` take ``ConstColumn[Long]`` parameters. Unlike ``Rep[Long]``,
which could be substituted by another value computed by a query, a ConstColumn can only be literal
value or a parameter of a compiled query. This is necessary because the actual value has to be
known by the time the query is prepared for execution by Slick.

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