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DBType doesn't work at slick 3.1

I found O.DBType doesn't exist in MySql Driver, and it could be SqlType instead.
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1 parent 00fa9ee commit 372bf61f2f7c51bd0d996dda107ce1e3d1314db3 @hellomaya hellomaya committed Dec 21, 2015
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@@ -62,9 +62,9 @@ object. The following ones are defined for ``JdbcProfile``:
.. index:: type
-``DBType(dbType: String)``
+``SqlType(typeName: String)``
Use a non-standard database-specific type for the DDL statements (e.g.
- ``DBType("VARCHAR(20)")`` for a ``String`` column).
+ ``SqlType("VARCHAR(20)")`` for a ``String`` column).
.. index:: AutoInc, generated, identity

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