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Re-analysis of Singapore metabarcodes
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Script and processed data for :

  • Chénard, C., Wijaya, W., Vaulot, D., Lopes dos Santos, A., Martin, P., Kaur, A. & Lauro, F.M. 2019. Spatial and temporal dynamics of microbial communities in equatorial coastal waters. Scientific Reports submitted



  • : Qiime script to process raw data and do some analyses
  • manifest.csv: list of fastq files
  • metadata.txt: sample list
  • metadata_volatility.txt : data for volatilty analysis


  • Metabarcoding_Singapore_phyloseq.Rmd : Script to produce phyloseq files and produce plots (HTML version of Rmd file)
  • monsoonpaper_env_data.csv : environmental metadata
  • Singapore_metadata.xlsx : list of samples and of stations with environmental data
  • Singapore ASV_table.xlsx :
    • Sheet ASV finale: List of ASVs, taxonomic assignations, read number in each sample, and sequence
    • Sheet BLAST: Best BLAST for each eukaryotic ASV
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