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Simple test for Slim4 with various PSR-7 implementations (using Travis-CI)
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This repository contains a small Slim4 application that initially does not define a specific PSR-7 implementation. It uses Continuous Integration (Travis-CI) to build and check the application against the four PSR-7 implementations supported by default by the slim framework.


# PSR-7 Implementation Status
1 Slim PSR-7 Slim
2 Nyholm Nyholm
3 Guzzle Guzzle
4 Zend Zend

Note: Travis-CI is configured to be triggered automatically at least every 24 hours.


When triggered, Travis-CI creates four different virtual machines. Each installs an Apache web server and this application. The web server is configured such that http://localhost/ points to the subdirectory public. Then each virtual machine would require via composer a different PSR-7 implementation.

Eventually the PHPUnit test is launched which would use the Guzzle HTTP Client to make http requests and validate the responses.


Web Application

  • public/.htaccess This file contains the server override settings.
  • public/index.php This is the entry point on the server.
  • composer.json This is the composer file.


  • build/travis-ci-apache.conf The apache configuration.
  • .travis.yml The travis configuration.


  • tests/bootstrap.php The tests bootstrap.
  • tests/*Test.php The PHPUnit test classes.
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