Make CMake less painful when trying to write Modern Flexible CMake
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Izzy's eXtension Modules

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IXM is a CMake library for writing Modern flexible CMake. This means:

  • Reducing the amount of CMake written
  • Selecting reasonable defaults
  • Supporting hooks and customization points for overriding said defaults
  • Target and Generator Expression focused operations

⚠️ IXM currently supports CMake 3.13 as a minimum target. This will change to CMake 3.14 once released.


Donations are extremely appreciated. If you have gotten some use out of IXM, please consider donating to my liberapay by clicking the donate link above.


See Getting Started to begin using IXM. When you're ready, feel free to read the documentation for detailed information on IXM's API and it's internals.

Visit the Roadmap to see upcoming and in-progress features for the 1.0 release.