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Qt version of system tray indicator for Yandex.Disk CLI daemon (linux)
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Panel indicator for Yandex-disk CLI daemon (linux/Qt)

It's just reface (Qt is used instead of GTK+) of yd-go. If you are interested in GTK+ version, visit:

Russian wiki:

I've made it as it is rather well-known task for me (I've made the similar indicator in YD-tools project in Python language:

GUI (System tray icon) shows the current synchronization status by different icons. During synchronization the icon is animated.

Desktop notifications inform user when daemon started/stopped or synchronization started/stopped.

The system try icon has menu that allows:

  • to see the current daemon status and cloud-disk properties (Used/Total/Free/Trash)
  • to see (in submenu) and open (in default program) last synchronized files
  • to start/stop daemon
  • to see the originl output of daemon in user language
  • to open local syncronized path
  • to open cloud-disk in browser
  • to open help/support, about and donatation pages

Application has its configuration file in ~/.config/yd-qgo/default.cfg file. File is in JSON format and contain following options:

  • "Conf" - path to daemon config file (default "~/.config/yandex-disk/config.cfg"
  • "Theme" - icons theme name (default "dark", may be set to "dark" or "light")
  • "Notifications" - Display or not the desktop notifications (default true)
  • "StartDaemon" - Flag that shows should be the daemon started on app start (default true)
  • "StopDaemon" - Flag that shows should be the daemon stopped on app closure


Download source from master branch and unzip it to the go source folder ($GOHATH/src) (it can be removed after buiding and installation). Change current directoru to the progect folder cd $GOHATH/src/yd-qgo/


For building this prject the additional packages are requered:

Install qt-sdk (Qt 4.8)

sudo apt-get install qt-sdk

Get package

go get

Follow the package instructions ( to install the pacage

After goqt package installation build the indicator

cd yd-qgo/


Run install.bash script with root previlegies for installation.

sudo ./install.bash


	yd-qgo [-debug] [-config=<Path to indicator config>]

-config string
	Path to the indicator configuration file (default "~/.config/yd.go/default.cfg")
	Alow debugging messages to be sent to stderr

Note that yandex-disk CLI utility must be installed and connection to cloud disk mast be configured for usage the yd-qgo utility.

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