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SmallRye JWT

SmallRye JWT is a library for implementing the Eclipse MicroProfile JWT RBAC. Currently it is focused on supporting the MP-JWT 1.1 spec, and primarily deals with the parsing of the JWT string into a JsonWebToken implementation.

In the future, when MP-JWT 2.0 can build on the JSR-375 security APIs, there should be more support for defining the CDI extension and security layer integration.


Compile and install this project:

mvn clean install

Project structure

  • implementation - Implementation of the Eclipse MicroProfile JWT RBAC library.

  • testsuite - Test suites

    • testsuite/basic Test suite with basic test cases.

    • testsuite/tck Test suite to run the implementation against the Eclipse MicroProfile JWT RBAC TCK.

  • doc - Project documentation.


Please refer to our Wiki for the Contribution Guidelines.