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Android application development framework
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Welcome to the droid4me project

droid4me is a framework library dedicated to the development of Android applications.

What is droid4me?

droid4me addresses the following topics:

  • Activity/Fragment life cycle: it attempts to turn the Activity/Fragment life cycle from something technical to something functional
  • Centralized exception handling: whenever an exception is thrown during the application, it can be handled in a centralized and secure way
  • Activity redirection: if an Activity should always be displayed before another one, you have control over it
  • Activity/Fragment events interception: handle in one place most of the entities life cycle events through a dedicated Interceptor
  • Application helper: eases the framework integration to your application
  • Logging: proposes something similar to log4j/java.util.logging with logging level trigger and condition logging. Logging is still effective outside of Android environment
  • Bitmap downloading: it provides a fully fledge component which makes bitmap downloading and binding to Views very simple, effective, and easy to be supported with persistence
  • Caching and persistence: proposes a finely tunable mechanism which lets cache business objects in memory and persistently, hence promoting disconnected working applications
  • TokenKeeper: makes easy to remember tokens and broadcast them, for better communication between Activity/Fragment and complex caching policies
  • Web service wrapping: makes the integration of web services very productive, while enabling persistence and caching
  • Threading: makes possible the loading of an activity in an asynchronous way in a glimpse. Proposes two optimized thread pools
  • Menus: makes the definition of menus and contextual menus very straightforward

Getting started

  • Please, jump to that GettingStarted page to get your hands on the framework.
  • If you want to have a quick overview of the framework API, please refer to the droid4me JavaDoc


The Android Team @Smart&Soft, software agency


droid4me is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.

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