Experimental resources for P0010.5
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P0010.5 Cross-experimental analysis

Resources for Mathôt, S., Siebold, A., Donk, M., & Vitu, F., (in preparation). Large Pupils Predict Goal-driven Eye Movements.


To run the full analysis, execute:


In addition to the standard Python modules for data processing (NumPy etc.), the analysis requires exparser.


Every experiment has the following input files:

  • exp[X].data.csv which contains trial info, with one trial per row.
  • exp[X].fixdur.csv which is a list of fixation durations.
  • exp[x].fix.csv contains the main input. This corresponds to saccLog-processed.csv from the original parser.


Images, saliency maps, and luminance maps (as described in the manuscript) can be found in the folder /stimuli/. Due to license restrictions, for Exp. 2, only the fractals are provided. The scenes can be obtained from:


Manuscript source files can be found under /manuscript/.

License and credits