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Redirect Chrome's New-Tab URL
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Redirect Chrome's New-Tab URL

Note: The newest version (1.0.2) requires additional permissions. You will have to re-enable it on the Chrome extensions page. See #8.

This is a simple extension to redirect Chrome's new-tab page (chrome://newtab) to a URL of your choice. By default, it redirects to this more-or-less blank page, but you can change that on the extension's options page. The extension was written as a super-simple, lightweight alternative to New Tab Redirect.

One use for this is with Vimium. Vimium does not run on the built-in new-tab page. After redirecting new tabs (opened with Ctrl-T) to a blank page, say, Vimium is immediately active.

Available on the Chrome Store.

If you select Allow access to file URLs on the extensions page, then you can set the redirection URL (on the options page) to a file://... URL.

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