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Zocial: CSS login and social buttons
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Zocial CSS Social Buttons

The idea is to create beautiful social buttons using only CSS, rendering popular social icons as a font, and requiring minimal extra markup.


  • Buttons always look sharp at any size and screen resolution.
  • Easily customize the size and call to action of the buttons.
  • Easily localize button text to other languages.


  1. Can be any element e.g. a, div, button etc.
  2. Add class of .zocial and add class for name of service e.g. .dropbox, .twitter, .github
  3. Optional: Add a class of icon to display as icon instead of button
  4. Optional: Change font size of the element to resize button

There's also a LESS version from @gustavohenke here


<button class="zocial facebook">Sign in with Facebook</button>


<a class="zocial twitter">Follow Me</a>


Browser Support

  • custom font file for all social icons works well in any browser supporting @font-face
  • icon font use private unicode spaces for accessibility
  • CSS3 degrades gracefully in IE8 and below


This project is available on CDNJS:

How to contribute

  1. Install Font Custom
  2. Add or update the icon .svg in the src/ folder.
  3. Set the button and font color in templates/zocial.css file.
  4. Run fontcustom compile
  5. Update the demo page (index.html) with both the button and icon.
  6. Test rendering. If broken go to step 2.
  7. Send pull-request !


Under MIT License

The GitLab logo is derived from this which is released under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0.

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