Windows instructions

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This is tested on Windows 10 with Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition which can be downloaded for free.

Install dependencies

  1. Download and install git

  2. Download and install CMake

  3. Install OpenCL by downloading the latest display drivers and AMD APP SDK (if you have a AMD GPU) or CUDA Toolkit (if you have an NVIDIA GPU).

  4. Download and install perl for windows, e.g. ActivePerl which is needed to compile Qt5. Make sure perl is added to the system path.

  5. FAST will download and build all other dependencies (Qt5, eigen, zlib, DCMTK) automatically when you build.


  1. Download the FAST source code.
  2. Open CMake and set the source directory to the C:/path/to/FAST/ directory. Then set the build directory to where you want to create your visual studio project. Press configure and choose Visual Studio 14 2015 Win64 as the generator if you use Visual Studio 2015. Press generate.
  3. The Visual studio project will be located in the build directory. You can now compile and run the project from inside Visual Studio. Remember to select Release before you build.


If you get an error while FAST is building Qt5 and qtconfig.h: delete the folder external/qt5 in your build folder and try to build FAST again.

Running the tests

Next, you should run the tests to make sure the framework is working properly on your system. Instructions on how to do this can be found here.

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