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To build all examples, set the FAST_BUILD_EXAMPLES cmake option. The example executables will be in the bin folder of your build directory. You will find all example source files in the folder source/FAST/Examples. Most of the examples require that you have installed the test data.

Data import

Name Objects used
Import image from file ImageFileImporter, ImageRenderer
Stream images from disk ImageFileStreamer, ImageRenderer
Import mesh from file VTKMeshFileImporter, TriangleRenderer
Import point set from file VTKMeshFileImporter, VertexRenderer
Import line set from file VTKMeshFileImporter, LineRenderer
Stream depth and color data from a Kinect device KinectStreamer

Data export

Name Objects used


Name Objects used
Gaussian smoothing filter GaussianSmoothingFilter, ImageFileImporter, ImageRenderer


Name Objects used
Binary thresholding BinaryThresolding, ImageFileImporter, ImageRenderer, SegmentationRenderer
Seeded region growing SeededRegionGrowingSegmentation, ImageFileImporter, SurfaceExtraction, MeshRenderer
Airway segmentation and centerline extraction AirwaySegmentation, CenterlineExtraction, ImageFileImporter, SurfaceExtraction, MeshRenderer, LineRenderer
Lung segmentation LungSegmentation, SurfaceExtraction, MeshRenderer
Neural network segmentation PixelClassifier, SegmentationRenderer


Name Objects used
Iterative closest point IterativeClosestPoint, VTKPointSetFileImporter, PointRenderer


Name Objects used
Extract surface mesh from volume and visualize it SurfaceExtraction, MeshRenderer, ImageFileImporter

Graphical user interface

Name Objects used
Simple GUI to change parameters of algorithms and visualize the result Window, GaussianSmoothingFilter, SurfaceExtraction, MeshRenderer, ImageFileImporter


Name Objects used
Use FAST in an existing Qt application QWidget, ImageFileStreamer, ImageRenderer

Extending FAST

Name Objects used
Create an algorithm in FAST ProcessObject, Image


Name Objects used
Using FAST in Python ImageFileImporter, ImageRenderer, SimpleWindow


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Name Objects used
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