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Dropwizard Riak

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A bundle for accessing Riak in Dropwizard applications using riak-java-client.


Within your Configuration class, add the following:

private final RiakFactory riak = new RiakFactory();

public RiakFactory getRiakFactory() {
    return riak;

Then with your Application class, you can access a RiakClient by doing the following:

public void initialize(Bootstrap<MyConfiguration> bootstrap) {
    bootstrap.addBundle(new RiakBundle<MyConfiguration>() {
        public RiakFactory getRiakFactory(MyConfiguration configuration) {
            return configuration.getRiakFactory();

public void run(MyConfiguration configuration, Environment environment) throws Exception {
    RiakClient client = configuration.getRiakFactory().build();

Maven Artifacts

This project is available on Maven Central. To add it to your project simply add the following dependencies to your pom.xml:



Please file bug reports and feature requests in GitHub issues.


Copyright (c) 2018 Smoke Turner, LLC

This library is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

See or the LICENSE file in this repository for the full license text.