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League-api is a Node.js wrapper for the official RIOT games League of Legends API. Pull requests and feedback are welcome!


Install it through npm using the standard:

$ npm install league-api


Get an API key at

Usage and Examples

To initialize the module with your api key, use:

var league_api = require('league-api');
var league = new league_api('your_api_key');

Available Methods

Each method takes as parameters some combination of a region, summoner id, summoner name, and then all methods have a callback function as a parameter. Here is an example call to retrieve the stat summary for a given id:

league.getStatSummary('na', '5908', function(data) {

Here is a list of all the methods in the module. region, summoner id, and summoner_name are all of type String. summoner_ids is a comma delineated string of summoner ids:

getChampions(region, callback);

getLeagues(region, summoner_id, callback);

getGames(region, summoner_id, callback);

getStatSummary(region, summoner_id, callback);

getRankedStats(region, summoner_id, callback);

getSummonerMasteries(region, summoner_id, callback);

getSummonerRunes(region, summoner_id, callback);

getSummonerByName(region, summoner_name, callback);

getSummonerById(region, summoner_id, callback);

getSummonerNameList(region, summoner_ids, callback);

getTeams(region, summoner_id, callback);
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