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#!perl -w
This plugin checks the badrcptto_patterns config. This allows
special patterns to be denied (e.g. percent hack, bangs,
double ats).
=head1 CONFIG
Patterns are stored in the format pattern\sresponse, where pattern
is a Perl pattern expression. Don't forget to anchor the pattern if
you want to restrict it from matching anywhere in the string.
qpsmtpd already ensures that the address contains an @, with something
to the left and right of the @.
=head1 AUTHOR
Copyright 2005 Gordon Rowell <>
This software is free software and may be distributed under the same
terms as qpsmtpd itself.
sub hook_rcpt
my ($self, $transaction, $recipient) = @_;
return (DECLINED) if $self->qp->connection->relay_client();
my @badrcptto = $self->qp->config("badrcptto_patterns") or return (DECLINED);
my $host = lc $recipient->host;
my $to = lc($recipient->user) . '@' . $host;
for (@badrcptto)
my ($pattern, $response) = split /\s+/, $_, 2;
return (DENY, $response) if ($to =~ /$pattern/);
return (DECLINED);
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