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plugin support;
support plugins for the rest of the commands.
specify a priority in register_hook. ("LAST", "FIRST", "MIDDLE", or
maybe a number)
plugin access to the data line by line during the DATA phase
(instead of just after)
TRACE in is not actually being used. Should it be?
Move dispatch() etc from to to allow other similar
protocols to use the qpsmtpd framework.
Future Ideas
Make config() better abstracted or configured (to allow configuration
from LDAP etc).
Make queue() better abstracted or configured (to allow LMTP delivery
instead of using qmail-queue).
Methods to create a bounce message easily; partly so we can accept a
mail for one user but bounce it right away for another RCPT'er.
David Carraway has some thoughts for "user filters"
Make it run as a mod_perl 2.0 connection handler module ...
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