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This is the Official Repository of Smvdu Alumni Portal.
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This is the Official Repository of Smvdu Alumni Portal.

Installation Instructions

To install this project on your computer , you to have install some dependencies of this project :

  1. LAMP/WAMP/MAMP Server

  2. PhpMyAdmin

  3. Create a database named smvdu-alumni-db

  4. Create an user for a database having these credentials

        Host: localhost
        Name: smvdu
        Password: smvdu
  5. If you clone this project in a directory other than default www/ , then you have to set a new virtualhost in apache configuration file.Just run file by writing :-

        $ sudo chmod 765
        $ ./

    After this, go to http://smvdualumni.localhost to access the website(if you have done step 5), otherwise just go to http://localhost/smvdu-alumni/ if your project is in www/ directory.

  6. Use this data during first-time wordpress installing process :-

          Site Title : Smvdu Alumni
            Username : smvdu
            Password : smvdu
            Email-Id :
  7. We also used a wordpress plugin named as Revisr , to manage Git Integration with wordpress.So, first of all read about it and install/setup it in this project as per in its docs. Click here to read Revisr Doc

  8. For Installing new plugins/themes , you need to have a local FTP server installed .So you should need to install vsftpd package on ubuntu to install ftp server in your computer.Refer this Link to install and setup vsftpd package

Note: Always use revisr plugin dashboard to commit and must tick an option Backup Database. Otherwise, your changes would not reflect in other team member machine.

Contribution Guidelines

Fork this repository to your account, using the Fork button on the top right corner.

Use git clone to clone your forked repo to your local machine: (replace 'your_username' with appropriate value)

git clone

Set the `upstream` to this repo:

The easiest way is to use the https url:

git remote add upstream

or if you have ssh set up you can use that url instead:

git remote add upstream

Working branch for **sfd-alumni** will always be the `develop` branch. Hence, all the latest code will always be on the *develop* branch. You should always create a new branch for any new piece of work branching from *develop* branch: ``` git branch new_branch ``` **NOTE:** You must not mess with `master` branch or bad things will happen. *master* branch contains the latest stable code, so just leave it be.

Before starting any new piece of work, move to develop branch:

git checkout develop

Now you can fetch latest changes from main repo using: ``` git fetch upstream ```
`rebase` the latest code with *develop* branch: ``` git rebase upstream/develop ```
`checkout` to your newly created branch: ``` git checkout new_branch ```
Rebase the code of *new_branch* from the code in *develop* branch, run the `rebase` command from your current branch: ``` git rebase develop ``` Now all your changes on your current branch will be based on the top of the changes in *develop* branch.

Push your changes to your forked repo

git push origin new_branch

Now, you can simply send the Pull Request to Parent Repo from within the Github.

Always squash up your commits into a single commit before sending the Pull Request. Use git rebase -i for this purpose. For example to squash last 3 commits into a single commit, simply run:

git rebase -i HEAD~3

####Happy Coding :)

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