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SGScript Scripting Engine
C C++ Other
Branch: apidev

SGScript v0.9.5


  • MinGW users:
    • compile the makefile (add mode=release to get the release build)
    • link with -lsgscript from the bin/ directory (-Lbin)
  • VC10/11 users: project file is in build/vc10/SGScript
  • Code::Blocks users: project file is in build/codeblocks
  • XCode users: project file is in build/xcode
  • include src/sgscript.h in your project and link with libsgscript.a

Sample Code and Documentation

Look in examples/, tests/ and docs/ directories.

More sample code can be found in documentation:

As you'll probably see, it's not that different from many other languages. There'll be no specification until the language survives a few iterations. After that, we'll see if it's necessary.


  • a C-like syntax
  • the usual stuff (while/do-while/for/foreach, expressions, variables etc.)
  • highly optimized, register-based virtual machine
  • mixed memory management (ref.counting + GC)
  • extensive native debugging features
  • Interactive debug inspector add-on
  • Function/instruction execution time and memory usage profiler add-on
  • 9 data types (with lots of space for extensions):
    • null, bool, int, real, string, function, C function, object, pointer
  • tests
    • testing framework is in ext/sgstest.c => bin/sgstest ("make test" to run)
  • object-oriented constructs (dict, class, closure, overloadable operators)


If you think you've found a bug, file an issue on the repo.

Don't forget to include a test sample, as small as possible!


  • more extensions, fully featured API
  • got a suggestion? write some sample code (in the form of a test) and send it


  • developer: Arvīds Kokins (snake5)
    • I can be reached at snake5creator [at] GMail
  • original XCode project contributed by Elviss Strazdiņš
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