Add the Konami Code easter egg to your project. Compatible with gestures on smartphones and tablets as well.
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Add the Konami Code as an easter egg to your web project. Compatible with keyboards and touch events.

For example and additional information please visit:


Future Improvements

Konami-JS is an ancient project by JavaScript standards, having started in 2009! I would love for 2018 to be the year it gets rewritten in a more modern, ES6-friendly way while incorporating something like Babel to ensure backwards compatibility in older browsers.

I would love the community's help in any of this 😃

You can watch me talk about the history of Konami-JS and the value of maintaining "frivolous" open-source projects at OdessaJS 2017 here:

Notable instances of Konami-JS in the wild include:


If you'd prefer to use a coffeescript version you can find one here:

If you are looking for GamePad support check out this fork:


Your pull requests are welcome! Emphasis on small footprints, speed and broad device/browser compatability. Less interested in package manager and toolchain integrations.