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These are the source files for the programming examples in
"Programming With POSIX(r) Threads". The Makefile is pre-configured
for Digital UNIX, but includes the appropriate definitions to build on
Solaris (uncomment the Solaris lines and comment the Digital UNIX

Some of these examples have been repaired since the original printing
of the book. Some differ from the examples printed in the latest
printing, as well, because the changes were too large to fit. The
signal-based suspend/resume program, susp.c, has been substantially
revised to correct a number of problems with the original version.

alarm.c				Simple synchronous alarm clock
alarm_cond.c			Threaded alarm clock using condition variable
alarm_fork.c			Alarm clock using fork asychrony
alarm_mutex.c			Threaded alarm clock using mutex
alarm_thread.c			Alarm clock using thread asynchrony
atfork.c			Demonstrate pthread_atfork()
backoff.c			Demonstrate mutex hierarchy backoff
barrier.c			Implementation of barrier package
barrier_main.c			Demonstrate use of barrier package
cancel.c			Demonstrate cancellation
cancel_async.c			Demonstrate asyncronous cancellation
cancel_cleanup.c		Demonstrate cancellation cleanup
cancel_disable.c		Demonstrate disabling cancellation
cancel_subcontract.c		Demonstrate cancellation of "subcontractors"
cond.c				Demonstrate use of condition variables
cond_attr.c			Demonstrate condition variable attributes
cond_dynamic.c			Demonstrate dynamic init of condition variable
cond_static.c			Demonstrate static init of condition variable
crew.c				A simple threaded work crew
flock.c				Demonstrate use of file locking
getlogin.c			Demonstrate reentrant user functions
hello.c				Demonstrate thread creation
inertia.c			Demonstrate "thread inertia" errors
lifecycle.c			Demonstrate "thread lifecycle"
mutex_attr.c			Demonstrate mutex attributes
mutex_dynamic.c			Demonstrate dynamic initialization of mutex
mutex_static.c			Demonstrate static initialization of mutex
once.c				Demonstrate use of pthread_once()
pipe.c				A simple threaded pipeline
putchar.c			Demonstrate thread-safe use of putchar()
rwlock.c			Implementation of read/write lock package
rwlock_main.c			Demonstrate use of read/write lock package
rwlock_try_main.c		Demonstrate use of read/write lock package
sched_attr.c			Demonstrate thread scheduling attributes
sched_thread.c			Demonstrate use of thread scheduling functions
semaphore_signal.c		Demonstrate use of semaphores with signals
semaphore_wait.c		Demonstrate use of semaphores
server.c			A simple threaded client/server program
sigev_thread.c			Demonstrate use of SIGEV_THREAD mechanism
sigwait.c			Demonstrate use of sigwait()
susp.c				Demonstrate use of pthread_kill()
thread.c			Demonstrate simple concurrent I/O
thread_attr.c			Demonstrate thread attributes
thread_error.c			Demonstrate POSIX thread error mechanism
trylock.c			Demonstrate use of pthread_mutex_trylock()
tsd_destructor.c		Demonstrate thread-specific data destructors
tsd_once.c			Demonstrate thread-specific data key creation
workq.c				Implementation of work queue package
workq_main.c			Demonstrate use of work queue package

Header files:

barrier.h			Definitions for barrier package
errors.h			General headers and error macros
rwlock.h			Definitions for read/write lock package
workq.h				Definitions for work queue package

Programs with arguments or special behavior:

alarm, alarm_fork,		The alarm programs will prompt for
alarm_thread, alarm_mutex,	commands until terminated by ^D
alarm_cond			(EOF). Commands are "<n> <s>" where <s>
				(the remainder of the line) is a
				message to print after <n> seconds.
atfork [hang]			Run with an argument of 0 to omit
				atfork handlers -- program will hang.
backoff [backoff [delay]]	Run with first argument of 0, will not
				back off on mutex collision, and will
				usually hang. Second argument can be
				specified greater than 0 to yield
				(increasing chances of hang on
				uniprocessor), or less than 0 to sleep
				for a second.
crew string path		First argument is a search string,
				second is a file path.
flock				Threads will prompt alternately for
pipe				Prompts for integers to feed to
				pipeline; enter "=" to pop a result.
putchar [unsync]		Run with argument of 0 to concurrently
				call putchar_unlocked from multiple
server				Threads each prompt for input, and
				echo it 3 times -- server prevents
				output while waiting for input.
sigwait				Waits for 5 SIGINT signals (^C)
thread				One thread writes to stdout while
				another waits for input from
				stdin. (Satisfy the read to exit.)

/---[ Dave Butenhof ]-----------------------[ ]---\
| Compaq Computer Corporation             110 Spit Brook Rd ZKO2-3/Q18 |
| 603.884.7460, FAX 603.884.0120                  Nashua NH 03062-2698 |
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Source code from "Programming with POSIX® Threads" book By David R. Butenhof







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