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Satoshi Unit

This tiny gem allows you to make easy conversions from one Bitcoin denomination into another. It provides a class, which objects would essentially represent an amount of bitcoins measured in the smallest possible denomination, which is Satoshi. You can then call methods on these objects to convert it various other denominations.


gem install satoshi-unit


Here's how it might look:

s = # By default, it accepts amounts in BTC denomination
s.to_i             # => 100000000 (in Satoshis)
s.to_mbtc          # => 1000.0
s.to_btc           # => 1.0

When creating a Satoshi object, you can also specify which unit is being used to pass the amount, for example:

s =, from_unit: :mbtc)

s.to_i    # => 100000
s.to_mbtc # => 1.0
s.to_btc  # => 0.001

There's also a special method which is called #to_unit, it always converts to the denomination specified in the :to_unit option in the constructor. It becomes really handy when you want to specify your preferred denomination used througout the program in just one place (to be able to change it later):

s =, from_unit: DENOMINATION, to_unit: DENOMINATION)
s.to_unit # => 1.0 (in mBTC)

This can be shortened to just the :unit option:

s =, unit: DENOMINATION)

But, of course, if you want your "from" denomination and "to" denomination to be different, then you'd have to pass them both manually:

s =, from_unit: :mbtc, to_unit: :btc)
s.to_unit # => 0.001

###Comparing satoshis

Satoshi objects come with methods and coercions for comparing itself with both other Satoshi objects and also numeric values:

s1 =
s2 =

s1 > s2  # => false
s1 < s2  # => true
s1 == s2 # => false

s1 > 1  # => true
1  > s2 # => false

Unit tests

Run rspec spec. Pull requests with more unit tests are welcome.