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This is a simple Mandelbrot Set viewer written in Typescript and using the HTML5 Canvas. The viewer allows you to view the set and to zoom in, zoom out and rotate the color-table. Points that are determined to be in the set are shown in black and other points are colored based on the number of times they were squared before "escaping" the set.

You can play with the viewer here: and if you want to hack around with the source code the follow the instructions below.


How to build mbcanvas locally

The instructions explain how to get setup to build and run mbcanvas locally.


To build and run mbcanvas, you will need a computer with Node, Npm and Grunt installed, also you'll need a web-browser.

Getting the code

Clone this Github repo.

git clone

Build and run

Open up a terminal window and cd into the mbcanvas directory.

First, install Node packages and grunt.

npm install

Finally, running Grunt will compile, browserify and run the project in your browser:


Until you stop grunt with control-c, it will watch the project's Typescript code and recompile it when it changes.


I created this as a way to learn more about Typescript and the HTML5 Canvas. Below are some of the things I learned and some of the things illustrated by this project.

  • How to use Grunt to "transpile" TypeScript to JavaScript.
  • How to set individual pixels in an image and paint that image to the Canvas.
  • How to put Typescript classes and functions in separate files.
  • How to use Browserify to enable use of "require" in code that will run in a browser.


Mandelbrot viewer in Typescript and HTML5 Canvas



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