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A privacy-respecting alternative frontend for YouTube Music. Built with SvelteKit, official instance hosted with Cloudflare Workers.

NOTE: Beatbump is going through a major rewrite, so errors, bugs, and other problems may happen at random.

License: AGPLv3 Awesome Humane Tech

Why Beatbump?

Beatbump is a fully-featured music listening experience, while helping to ease your privacy concerns associated with other platforms.

Some of Beatbump's features includes:

  • Automix for continued listening
  • No ads
  • Background play on mobile devices*
  • Search for artists, playlists, songs, and albums
    • Note that all playback is audio only (for now)
  • Local playlist management
    • Stored in-browser with IndexedDB
    • Can save songs individually under 'Favorites'
    • Peer-to-Peer data synchronization (using WebRTC)
  • Group Sessions
    • Achieved using a WebRTC mesh
  • Uses a custom wrapper around the YouTube Music API

...and so much more!

[1] iOS updates may break this from time to time, but works as of iOS 15.6

Repo Structure

Directory Description
app Beatbump web app
packages/hls-proxy-rewriter Proxy server used for Beatbump's music playback (WIP)


Service Uptime Monitoring:

Name URL
Beatbump (Official)
~Vern (Clearnet)
~Vern (Onion) http://bb.vernccvbvyi5qhfzyqengccj7lkove6bjot2xhh5kajhwvidqafczrad.onion/
~Vern (I2P) http://vern6inmbjzqpecx4kpkq5sln3cqqrfuxfzh4au3tpxbsfbwbnta.b32.i2p/ (Clearnet) (Clearnet) (Cloudflare)


Want to support Beatbump financially to aid with future development/hosting?

Donate with PayPal!

Donations of any amount are very much appreciated, so thank you if you choose to donate!

(Other ways to donate coming soon!)


Note: Still figuring out how to use Docker! Got a suggestion? Open an issue, thanks!


docker-compose (production)

The quickest way to host a Beatbump instance is with Docker. Once you have it installed, you can run:

docker-compose up

The app will now be accessible from https://localhost:443 / http://localhost:3000.

docker-compose (development)

(More details coming soon!)


You can find (temporary, incomplete, and in-progress) API documentation here:

It's recommended (and appreciated) to host your own instance of Beatbump for public projects that want to use the data -- especially if you anticipate you will be making a large amount of requests. Thanks!

Project Inspirations

  • Invidious - a privacy focused alternative YouTube front end.