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Installation Guide

  1. Install Java (Selenium requires it) brew tap caskroom/cask && brew install brew-cask && brew cask install java
  2. Checkout current directory cd tests/functional and run npm install

Running tests

  • Run npm test to test all scenarios
  • Run npm test -- <filename> to test a single feature file, e.g. npm test -- features/challenges.feature
  • Run npm run watch to test all scenarios tagged with @watch tag

Environment specific

  • Run npm test to test on local machine (
  • Run HOST=beta npm test to test on beta
  • Run HOST=prod npm test to test on prod

CI Integration

  • Install phantomjs brew install phantomjs
  • Run npm run ci (environments supported as well via HOST=dev|beta|prod prefix)
  • Screenshots are saved on each failure to .screenshots dir (gitignored)
  • To be run on beta after deploying changes.

Server Installation

  • Install Node.js LTS curl -sL | sudo -E bash - and then sudo apt-get install nodejs
  • Install Java Headless Runtime sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install openjdk-7-jre-headless
  • Install phantomjs sudo npm install -g phantomjs
  • Install beta / prod functional tests dependencies sudo su www-data && cd /var/www/beta/current/tests/functional && npm install && cd /var/www/prod/current/tests/functional && npm install
  • Test with HOST=prod npm run ci

Video Introduction (Chimp)

Chimp.js Tutorial

Cheat Sheet

Next Steps

  • Include as a part of deployment (npm run ci)
  • Introduce controller that resets test-users to given state
    • E.g. After logging in as incomplete user, filling in profile, uploading avatar, call to /tests/reset would revert him back to the initial state
  • (Optional) Background to specify resolution (e.g. mobile / tablet / desktop)