Socioboard is world's first and open source Social Technology Enabler. Socioboard Core is our flagship product.
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Socioboard is world’s first open source social technology enabler and first open source product company from India. We build social technology which helps businesses and brands to better understand social media and harness its real power. Our vision is to provide easy to use tools to businesses and brands which covers 360 degree use cases when it comes to Social Media.

We are building innovative products for various social networks which fill the critical gap - Social Networks were meant for user’s not for businesses. Our tools and products view Social from a business point of view and fill those gaps which social networks cannot fill exquisitely. Business should own their social data and they should be incharge of what they want to do with it, generate reports and analyze data to make informed and improved business decisions. This is possible when things are open and businesses have freedom to choose, we believe open source is a way to make this possible. So that brands and businesses can embrace social technology with an open mind in an open and connected world.

We believe in providing our users with choice, we don’t push useless buggy bloatware to their throat and force them to pay for it.

Our products resonate with our vision to make social technologies more open.

Socioboard Core (Commercial and Open Source) -

Socioboard Core is an open source social media management, analytics and reporting platform. It supports nine social media networks. Using Socioboard Core you can monitor and manage multiple social media accounts and create useful reports and take business decisions based on them. Socioboard Core is available as a web app and mobile apps on iOS and Android. Its completely open source and fully customizable and extensible in the form of plugins. It has a commercial SAAS version at - and open source version at -

Socioboard Desktop Applications for Social Media Marketers -

Socioboard desktop apps are the swiss knife of Social Media Marketing Industry.

Socioboard desktop applications are not completely restricted by the various APIs of the social networks like Socioboard Web and Mobile apps. Rather they give you a complete competeting user experience with the original network but as a desktop application. The Desktop apps are a collective effort of the socioboard community spread globally.

Socioboard desktop apps must be used with utmost care to make sure you remain within the social network usage limits and don’t over do something. It’s best to use them under trained guidance from experts.

inBoardPro ( - inBoardPro is linkedin marketing on Steroids. Its a desktop application which helps you to automate everything you can do on linkedin. It helps you to manage multiple linkedin accounts, connect with new members in the linked community, post automated updates , manage all your linkedin groups and do a whole lot of things on linkedin.

faceboardPro ( - faceBoardPro is an automated facebook marketing software. It helps you to automate your regular facebook tasks with few clicks. It helps to you manage multiple facebook accounts, manage your friends, groups, pages, apps etc. Basically it can automate all your day to day facebook management tasks and save a lot of your time.

gramBoardPro ( - gramBoardPro is an instagram automation power-house. It can manage all your instagram tasks , likes, comments etc. Very useful software for instagram marketers.

twtBoardPro ( - twtBoardPro is an twitter marketing platform. It helps you manage multiple twitter accounts and automate your tweets, re-tweets, favorites etc. You can do a whole lot of stuff on twitter and get ultra productive on twitter by using this software.

Socioboard Mobile Apps for Social Media Marketers -

Socioboard Official App - The official app is an extension of Socioboard Core app on iOS and Android. It helps you manage all your social media accounts you have connected to Socioboard Web Core via mobile apps.

Android Version : iOS Version :

t-boardpro — t-boardpro is a multiple twitter account management app, it helps you to login to multiple twitter accounts from your iOS or Android device and do various twitter activities like tweeting, re-tweeting, favorites, follow, unfollow, scheduling tweets etc. Its a a very powerful twitter marketing automation app. The open source version is called t-board is available on github -

f-boardpro — f-boardpro is a multiple facebook account management app, it helps you to login to multiple facebook accounts from your iOS or Android device and do various facebook activities like post, like, comment,managing pages, groups and much more. The open source version is called f-board is hosted here -

l-boardpro — l-boardpro is a multiple LinkedIn account management app. It helps you to login multiple LinkedIn accounts from you iOS or Android device and do LinkedIn activities like share comments, see user following companies details and user can see latest jobs in following company. The open source version of l-boardpro is hosted here -

i-boardpro — i-boardpro is a multiple instagram account management app, it helps you to login to multiple instagram accounts from your iOS or Android device and do various instagram activities like follow, unfollow,comment,like, scheduling posts etc. Its a a very powerful instagram marketing automation app. The opensource version of i-boardpro is hosted here -

Why Open Source ?

There are many great tools available for managing social media programs, from content management systems to analytics tools. But many of the systems available are rigid in their architecture, and cannot be customized to meet the specific editorial, workflow, and governance needs of various organizations. By creating a customizable, open source alternative, teams can model their system on the way they operate in the real world.

There is too much focus on vanity metrics. Marketers don’t focus on driving business results through social media. Brands are still using social media as a broadcast channel.

Social media marketers face the difficulty to access technology that is flexible enough to meet their needs for approval workflow, compliance, asset management, moderation, etc. The tools available for managing social media are often lacking, and perpetuate the issues in social media marketing by overemphasizing broadcasting content and vanity metrics.Marketers don’t focus on driving business results through social media. Brands are still using social media as a broadcast channel.

Open-source is a revolution in an industry which is mostly dominated by big names, in other words it’s a boon in an industry which generally talks about hefty amounts from end users. With many organizations reaching out to open source it is undoubtedly becoming clear that price is not the only advantage which open-source holds against proprietary softwares. We have listed some distinct compelling advantages for business users as well as individuals: Security : The more open the code is the more possibilities it holds to be tested in field and hence the more secure it can be made as is evident by example of Linux distributions.

  • Quality : Thousands of developers contributing across international borders will obviously produce better quality outcome than a handful of developers.

  • Customizability : Users can take a piece of open source software and tweak it to suit their needs as they please.

  • Freedom : Open-source gives freedom from nasty vendor lock-in which people have to endure with proprietary softwares.

  • Flexibility : Open source softwares are typically much less resource-intensive, meaning that people can run it well even on older hardware. It's up to end user not some vendor to decide when it's time to upgrade.

  • Interoperability : Open source software is much better at degree of interoperability vis a vis proprietary software.

  • Auditability : The visibility of the code behind open source software means you can see for yourself and be confident about the quality and functionality.

  • Try Before You Buy : Costs nothing to try. No commitment required until you're sure.

Technology :

Socioboard is created using ASP.NET CORE, MVC CORE, AngularJs and JQuery with database MySQL and MongoDB.

APIs to be used to retrieve or post the data to social networking sites would be:

Twitter - REST API v1.1 – Wrapper Written in

Facebook – Graph API – Facebook C# SDK

linkedin – REST API - Wrapper Written in

Google Plus – HTTP API - Wrapper Written in

Instagram’s API - Wrapper Written in

The scheduler service, developed in C#, would run on a 24/7 server. This scheduler would post the message at the scheduled time to selected account(s).

Devices and Platforms :

Socioboard is available on web, desktop and mobiles. We have Android and iOS apps which work in tandem with the web app.

To access the Socioboard Files visit :

Step 1:Download the socioboard file from above mentioned path.

Step 2: Now after downloading it, you can see zip file named “” in your download folder. Unzip it and select the file named socioboard.sln and click over it to open either in visual studio 2013/2015 .

Step 3:Database access procedure: :

Copy the sql file which is in text format from the above given path.

Copy it in text file and store in your local drive.

Step 4:Provide proper setup value for HeidiSQL and open it.

HeidiSql window

Step 5: Right click on query section and select Load SQL file.

Step 6:Select the SQL text file which you have saved and click on open button.

Its all Done : Now you can use your database :

Step 7: Build Instructions: Once you load the project in visual studio, you can see a solution project with the following structure.

Step 8: Right click on the socioboard project and select the properties .

Step 9: When you click on properties it open property window. Follow the instruction given below.


a) Select startup project .

b) Select multiple startup project

c) Select the Api.socioboard : click over the drop down list and choose Start value.

d) Select the Socioboard : click over the drop down list and choose Start value.

e) Now click on ok button.

After this debug the project

Build the project if you face any build error:

Step 10: For Editing the Database server files and Connection string, go to “hibernate.cfg.xml” and edit It directly.

Step 11:To edit the Social network settings, Go to “app.setting” and change it as per your requirements.

For local url,server and database setting follow same path :Api.Socioboard>appsetting.json

Edit in startup class : follow the path src>Api.Sociboard>Startup.cs

Now Everything is ready you can start project.

after login you can see some modules feature as shown below ......


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