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A Low Profile Component Framework – Stable, minimal, easy to audit, zero-dependencies and build-tool-free.


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Tonic is a low profile component framework for the web. It's one file, less than 3kb gzipped and has no dependencies. It's designed to be used with modern Javascript and is compatible with all modern browsers and built on top of the Web Components. It was designed to be similar to React but 100x easier to reason about.


npm install @socketsupply/tonic


import Tonic from '@socketsupply/tonic'

You can use functions as components. They can be async or even an async generator function.

async function MyGreeting () {
  const data = await (await fetch('')).text()
  return this.html`<h1>Hello, ${data}</h1>`

Or you can use classes. Every class must have a render method.

class MyGreeting extends Tonic {
  async * render () {
    yield this.html`<div>Loading...</div>`

    const data = await (await fetch('')).text()
    return this.html`<div>Hello, ${data}.</div>`
Tonic.add(MyGreeting, 'my-greeting')

After adding your Javascript to your HTML, you can use your component anywhere.

    <script src="my-greeting.js"></script>

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