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Scala bindings for the SODA2 API.

Getting it

Soda-Scala is published to maven central. There are two artifacts, soda-publisher-scala which contains everything, and soda-consumer-scala which contains only those features required for read-access. SBT configuration can be done by adding

libraryDependencies += "com.socrata" %% "soda-publisher-scala" % "2.0.0"

to your .sbt file, while for Maven, the pom snippet is:


Soda-scala is published for Scala versions 2.10.4, 2.11.8 and 2.12.0.

Sample code

The soda-scala-sample subproject contains sample code for reading and writing.

Interop with databinder-dispatch

Version 0.9 and above of databinder-dispatch uses async-http-client as its underlying engine. The default client can be retrieved using Http.client and passed to the soda-scala HttpConsumer or HttpProducer.

Future work

  • A query-building system richer than raw SoQL strings.
  • More ways to upload data (e.g., from a CSV file).


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